Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why your favourite singer leaving your favourite band is so much worse than my father's sudden death.

(5 hour drive with someone who has known you too well for too long.)

Tess: "Geri Halliwell leaving the spice girls is the worst thing that's ever happened to me"
Rhiannon: "It's the worst thing that's happened to anyone. The entire world."
T: "I knew you'd understand. It's the kind of empathy only those who have lost a loved one can give."
R: "Yeah man, it really hit you hard."
T: "It cuts me real deep. I imagine it's how you feel when you lost your Dad."
R: "...No...It's worse."
T: "No, no I don't want to compare losses...But it's kind of worse."
R: "No it's much worse. My Dad died, and he's gone now so it's like, the end. But Geri, she released three more albums once she left. Still hovering around but not like it was."
T: "It will never be the same again! Oops I quoted Mel C is that inappropriate?"
R: "No I think it's fitting really."
T: "Sometimes I'm like 'Geri, you bitch!' then I feel horrible but I was just so angry. It's grief man, it's a wild ride."
R: "I think you've dealt with it really well."
T: "But sometimes I feel bad for going on and living, like I feel guilty for smiling and having fun when I shouldn't."
R: "Have you spoken to, uh, anyone about this? Someone... Qualified?"
T: "No do you think I should?"
R: "It's on the cards..."

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