Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've always felt having a blog instantly makes you a wanker or socially inept. Seeing as I am clearly both I'm going to take the advice of Bella DuBois (Yum!) and create a blog.

3 reasons I should have a blog.

  • I hope to some day use it as a travel log. Or for my memoirs once I am ridiculously famous for something inane, and hold no memory of my humble past due to several drug overdose incidents where I suffered from 'exhaustion'.
  • Perhaps I could keep my narcissism to myself. Those who want to expose themselves to my delusions of grandeur (often referred to as 'enablers') may read at their leisure, those that don't can skim over Fmylife.com and pretend I don't exist.
  • Seeing as I'm no longer a teenager and will never be an artist, my creative talents and wealth of angst are going to waste.
  • Counsellors later in life will be able to give me a better level of care due to the records kept by Facebook and this blog giving me a better level of service and care.
Well, let's see how this goes!

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